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The decision to separate was facilitated when the woman was offered a job in Des Moines.
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Februar starten die Olympischen Winterspiele in Pyeongchang in Südkorea.

153 deutsche Athleten hoffen auf eine Olympiamedaille.

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This includes the view that disease is a mental error rather than physical disorder, and that the sick should be treated not by medicine, but by a form of prayer that seeks to correct the beliefs responsible for the illusion of ill health.

The church does not require that Christian Scientists avoid all medical care—adherents use dentists, optometrists, obstetricians, physicians for broken bones, and vaccination when required by law—but maintains that Christian-Science prayer is most effective when not combined with medicine.

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Most significantly, she dismissed the material world as an illusion, rather than as merely subordinate to Mind, leading her to reject the use of medicine, or materia medica, and making Christian Science the most controversial of the metaphysical groups. According to the church's tenets, adherents accept "the inspired Word of the Bible as [their] sufficient guide to eternal Life ...

acknowledge and adore one supreme and infinite God ...

[and] acknowledge His Son, one Christ; the Holy Ghost or divine Comforter; and man in God's image and likeness." Christian Science theology differs in several respects from that of traditional Christianity.

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